Mustard Catering joins Kofler & Kompanie

Mustard Catering Joins Kofler & Kompanie


The international hospitality brand Kofler & Kompanie has acquired Mustard Catering, one of the most respected and recognisable catering companies in the UK events and hospitality industry.


The acquisition brings together two companies with a combined heritage of over 60 years, creating a new and innovative proposition for event professionals. Mustard Catering will join the Kofler & Kompanie group of brands alongside the recently launched White Rabbit Fund, Gourmet Sports and Pret a Diner. Additionally, Kofler & Kompanie operates two London restaurants and events spaces, The Magazine at Serpentine Sackler Gallery and Farmopolis on the Jetty at Greenwich Peninsula.


“Mustard Catering is one of London’s premier catering brands, and carries with it an outstanding reputation for the quality of its food, and of its venue partnerships,” comments Éadaoin McDonagh, Managing Director, Kofler & Kompanie UK. “It’s a brand that will sit proudly within our group and that will enable us to reach our ambitions both in the London events market and around the world.”


Mustard Catering was founded by Glynn Woodin, and has nearly 40 years of experience delivering events across the capital. The company’s 20 staff and 60 venue locations will join Kofler & Kompanie, strengthening the team and creating even more opportunities for customers to enjoy the same quality of execution, coupled with the innovative twists expected from the brand.


“This partnership will see us widen our footprint in London, a city I see as the Silicon Valley of the food scene,” commented KP Kofler, CEO and founder of Kofler & Kompanie.  “As with our menus, we’re looking to create a group of companies that perfectly combine outstanding food and contemporary service, but with new levels of innovation and creativity that will surprise and excite the global events and hospitality industry.”

Following the acquisition, Kofler & Kompanie now offers event catering and hospitality to customers in six countries, on three continents with over 400 loyal staff members.

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