Our Team

The Team

Mustard’s Team of catering professionals inspire with confidence, enthusiasm and reliability from start to finish. The best food and service can only be delivered by the best team.

The team’s ability quickly establishes professional relationships with clients, venues and suppliers to turn around accurate, bespoke proposals within short time frames. Mustard anticipate needs and keep one step ahead.

Investment in quality people ensures continuity. Mustard spot and hand pick talented individuals who contribute from the start.

Mustard employs 6 full time chefs, rather than relying purely on casual labour making up the numbers. This is a huge commitment to the quality of cooking. Your party might be 6 months or more after you tasted the menu first time around.

Mustard’s full time team of 20 all contribute to deliver creative and thoughtfully constructed menus, parties and events for you.

“The food was delicious, the service terrific and it looked amazing – Mustard are a pleasure and a joy to work with”.