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The Wellcome Trust Gallery was host to pop up Mustard bowl food and canapé stations.

The British Museum invited Mustard to join their other suppliers in providing an evening of nibbles and drinks for a collection of current and prospective corporate partners and clients.

Super food, great venue, perfect hosting. Who could ask for more?

 ...Or perhaps dinner at the National Portrait Gallery with a private view of the Audrey Hepburn exhibition this summer.

...and all the stage was a dining room! Fast Forward 2015 It was the National Theatre’s Gala dinner – ‘Fast Forward’ - dinner for 600 guests requiring 3,600 pieces of cutlery, 2,400 glasses, 1,800 pieces of china and 130 members of Mustard’s staff. In March, Mustard’s food was accompanied by a gospel choir, a symphony orchestra and acrobats falling from over head. The theme this year was ‘The Stars Align’ and they certainly did, not only the guests were star studded but so too was the pudding!

Organic chocolate delice, black sesame sorbet, sauternes pear, yuzu caramel

The food and service has been so highly praised by everyone that attended, it really made a huge contribution to the success of the night.

A dinner for 300 on long tables is never a walk in the park but never more so than when you’ve got 80 guests with dietary requirements and… no seating plan! The first big dinner for Mustard Catering in 2015 was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in the beautiful Raphael Cartoon Gallery. Guests came in through the south entrance unusually to face 3 long tables stretching ahead of them – so impressed that the host cried (with happiness!).

The dinner was a triumph: a joy to organise and execute on the night.


‘Never have I heard so many guests comment on the beauty of a room. The fact that you lead a perfect service with no seating plan and a lot of dietaries was a credit to your team. Late arrivals and us inviting 20 other guests to be seated during starters didn’t seem to faze you. The food was great!’